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tv   Local 12 at Noon  CBS  March 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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survivors ran for safety as smoke and chaos fill the airport terminal in brussels. more than a dozen people were killed, more than 100 injured in the second explosion. belgium's prime minister says what we feared has happened. the attacks come only days after the arrest of salah abdeslam. police have shutdown the entire system diverting all planes and trains away from the capital. a prime minister calls the attacks appalling and do not let the terrorists win. a state department employee is still missing. >> smoke, water dripping from the ceiling. we had to walk through puddles
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>> only when they brought us back to the main building for the evacuation, we could see the building. the access to the train lifts and the stairs of the airport. >> now there are at least three americans injured. mormon church officials say three are missionaries from the church of the latter day saints. >> good afternoon, perry. >> reporter: well, good afternoon to you, john. for some this traj gedy in belgium certainly hits close to home.
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happening with jean francois. he immediately called his parents who were headed on vacation. he was relieved to find out their flight is scheduled for tomorrow, not today. they are safe at home and not at the airport at the time. now concerned for his friends who still live in belgium. some have posted on facebook easing those concerns. he says he's been to the airport in brussels dozens of times in his life, including a trip home a couple of months ago and he always felt safe. >> obviously it could happen in paris, london and spain. not totally unexpected but shocking that people are dying for no reason. >> and definitely a whole new world for the folks in brussels who are trying to get through this. now i did talk to traveller at the cincinnati northern kentucky this morning. at the time he told me that things were running smoothly.
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quickly and there were very few delays. now experts say though that this could have a ripple effect across the country at airports just because of those delays that some flights may be behind schedule. john, back to you. >> thank you so much for that update. authorities are stepping up security hubs in light of the terrorist attacks in belgium. it shows a heightened police presence. new york is one of many major systems increasing security. there's also a greater police center. washington, d.c. stepping up its security. officers are patrolling aports and subway systems in new york and washington, as well as train stations. wgla spoke with political
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he planned to travel to brussels and he shared his perspective on the attacks. >> you can imagine the chaos, because there are alerts coming to us in paris, that paris was on a high alert. law enforcement was on the ground with guns. it had to be an inside job, the way it took place. it had to be someone working at the airport to give them the kind of access to detonate those explosions. the subways are like ours, they are quite open. we have been informed that you don't leave your hotel, don't leave your hotel. don't venture out. there have been many warnings that they plan to exact revenge after the capturing of salah abdeslam for the attacks in
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and many were injured. >> stay tune to local 12 news and follow us on facebook and twitter, as we work with our partners to bring you the most up-to-date information. >> a man accused of killing a man on i-275 is ordered held on a half million dollars bond. 35-year-old is charged with aggravated vehicular homicide. investigator say evidence impaired and speeding sunday night. 41-year-old died at the scene. litmeyer has been arrested twice in the past. in that first case he pleaded guilty to reckless operation and two years later pleaded guilty to dui. >> 24-year-old william dickens is accused of driving a car and leading place on a chase that started in sharonville.
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stolen property and failure to comply with a police officer. 19-year-old faces several property. the chase ended with a crash on sharon road in glendale. according to court documents, police found mail from several local companies in the car. dom dominic dickens was given a $60,000 bond. >> jessica vallet guilty at the beginning of march. 180 days in jail. she served 173 days. she'll be released in a week.
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condition and the benadryl that she injected gave him diarrhea that led to many diaper changes which was very painful due to his skin disease. >> anna richie is locked up and faces charges in connection to the little boy's death. the day started with chilly temperatures but it is getting warmer weather now. here is meteorologist scott weather. temperatures will rise through the 50s and eventually up between 60 and 65 this afternoon. evening. winds will relax some. notice, temperatures falling from around 60 in at 7:00. down to 54 around midnight.
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no rain or thunderstorms on precision doppler 12 hd. we have temperatures now ranging from 50 at the national weather service in wilmington to 56 at lunken airport in middleton. sustained winds now range from 14 miles an hour to 22 miles an hour. gusts may be as high as 30 miles an hour or 40. tomorrow. and on thursday. we'll have some showers to track through midweek. widespread rain and a risk for stronger storms thursday. easter weekend. we'll discuss that forecast and have the planning forecast john.
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apple may now involve a thirrd >> vice president joe biden is in cincinnati campaigning for former ohio governor ted strickland. today's fundraiser is at the westin hotel downtown. a win for strickland in november
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both biden and president obama endorsed strickland in march. today is president obama's last day in cuba. >> i have come here to bury the last remnant of the cold war in the americas. >> the president spoke from the grand theater with president . the president says that cuba and u.s. share similar colonial roots. they are like two brothers that have been estranged for years, blood. >> apple and fbi will not be in issues. an outside party figured out a possible way to unlock the iphone that belonged to one of
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the justice department won't
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>> no more >> starbucks wants to donate all of its leftover food from its 7,000 plus locations.
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america. theed why came from baristas behind the counter. the company has invested in research to determine the best way to make sure the food stays safe until it is consumed. passengers will be expected eight hours a day involved in some type of cultural experience. it will cost $1,800 per person. >> here is a look at the latest numbers from wall street. the dow jones is down 25 points. nasdaq is up 4 points and s&p 500 is down two points.
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numbers right here on f >> we continue to closely follow the breaking news today out of brussels, belgium. more than 30 people are dead after terror attacks there. the islamic state group claims responsibility. there was a post that it was in response to brussels support of the international coalition support against it. the attack killed at least 31 people and wounded dozens of others. people can start moving around brussels once more.
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stopped for the day, but that people in the belgium capitol can start walking outside again. we'll keep you informed as we get new information about it. our weather is really nice for a spring day. >> it is a warmer day. the wind will be up today. plan for a wind sustained out of the southwest between 15 and 25 miles an hour. the hour-by-hour forecast shows at least there's a flip side to this. transporting warm air into the tri-state. that's the case today. 63 for a high by 4:00 this afternoon. temperatures will fall back down through the 50s and 60s. updated to reflect a mostly sunny sky. mid and high level clouds begin
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even though we have radar. you can also tog along clouds. our forecast is updated throughout the day. an abundance of sunshine, looking to the west, away from our camera, just to the west of miami university. dew point is 28 degrees. this is a dry air mass. we're windy this afternoon. there's a strong area of pressure in the deep south of the carolinas, strong area of pressure intensifying over the plains, when those two are strong and reasonable close together, we have radiant winds. these will not be thunderstorm winds, everyone will be dry this afternoon. everyone will be dry this evening. tomorrow we'll have isolated showers developing, you'll notice a lot more cloud cover tomorrow. cloudy to mostly cloudy through the business day. a threat for stronger storms on thursday.
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will see thunderstorms and they may be strong. the air quality is good. the pollen count is moderate and the mold count is low. dew point 31. airport. some clouds, mainly just mid and the sun. we'll take that up between 60 and 65 degrees today. we'll fall back down through the 50s this evening. there's at strong area of low pressure developing out to the west. it is disorganized right now, but it is strengthening, a cloud-free sky from the far eastern edge of the mid-atlantic all the way down to the gulf coast. we'll begin to see isolated showers. especially west and northwest of cincinnati. we have no rain to track now on
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high pressure positioned down to our southeast now keeps us dry today. we're windy this afternoon, gusts as high as 35 to 40 miles an hour. the wind will relax some this evening of the we'll still be breezy up through midnight. more clouds moving in for the start of good morning cincinnati. not everyone will see rain tomorrow. but as this area of low pressure and the cold front extending out of it nears. rain and thunderstorms will move in on thursday. at this point, much of the tri-state is in a marginal risk for severe storms. better threat for severe weather as i addressed. large hail damaging straight-line winds. temperatures will fall through the 50s tonight. a drop into the temperature for friday.
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still starts dry and then we'll finish with scattered showers. a more extensive look at the weekend forecast coming up on local 12 news first at 4:00.
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ncis is at 8 >> local 12 news is your source for all of the latest details of the terror attacks in brussels, belgium. more than 30 people dead and hundreds of others injured. isis has claimed responsibility. new information beginning first at 4:00. you can follow on facebook, and on twitter, our partners, cbs news, cnn and the associated press to bring you the most up-to-date information. >> the sun is out and the wind will be up this afternoon.
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